Polyphony Digital

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name: Polyphony Digital

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website: http://www.polyphony.co.jp/


Polyphony Digital is an in-house video game development studio, which is part of Sony Computer Entertainment, a global studio of Sony Computer Entertainment. It was originally a development team of Sony Computer Entertainment, Polys Entertainment. After the success of GT racing in Japan, they were granted greater autonomy and could change the name of the development team.

Polyphony Digital’s most famous game is the GT racing game series. Under the leadership of Kazunori Yamauchi, GT racing became the most successful racing series, and the game was released for PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3 consoles.

The Polyphony DigitalGT racing series is designed to be a real driving simulator, providing realistic driving physics. In 2006, it released the Polyphonic Travel Cup version, which fully demonstrated the realism of drag racing.

Polyphony Digital was established on April 2, 1998, with headquarters in Tokyo, Japan and Fukuoka, Japan. Its president is Kazuno Yamauchi, operating income is 10 million yen, and employees are 140+ people.

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