Navoi International Airport

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name: Navoi International Airport

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Navoi International Airport is the entry airport of Navoi, Uzbekistan, named after Ali-Shir Nava’i.

Navoi International Airport opened in 1962 and later became Uzbekistan Airlines. In 2007, Navoi Airport began an airport construction and renovation project, comprehensively renovating runways and taxiways, installing modern lighting systems, and building new air-conditioning towers and other facilities.

In 2009, Korea Air Cargo took over the management of Navoi International Airport, and the 10-year development plan further accelerates the modernization of the airport. On August 12, 2010, the airport built the largest cargo terminal, which can handle 100,000 tons of cargo each year.

The cargo apron of Navoi International Airport has been built, which can accommodate 5 B747-400 aircraft, and built 4 additional fuel tanks, which can provide 1.4 million gallons of aviation fuel, and are filled with 25 B747-400 aircraft.

Korean Air started its first cargo flight from Navoi in August 2008, and then increased its flight frequency, offering 12 flights to Incheon, Brussels and Milan every week.

Uzbekistan Airlines began operating cargo services at the Navoi Center in May 2009, and currently operates 18 weekly flights to Bangkok, Delhi, Mumbai and Frankfurt. Navoi Airport now serves 3 airlines and flies to 9 cities in 8 countries.

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