Bank of Georgia

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name: Bank of Georgia

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Bank of Georgia (Bank of Georgia) is a Georgian bank that provides retail banking, corporate banking, wealth management, brokerage, insurance and healthcare services. The bank is headquartered in the capital Tbilisi and has 197 branches.

The Bank of Georgia in the United Kingdom established a holding company in Georgia, Bank of Georgia Holdings Limited. After that, the bank was listed on the London Stock Exchange under the stock trading code LN. It is a constituent stock of the FTSE 250 Index. It is the Bank of Georgia that has been rated by three famous rating agencies in the world.

Georgian banking business coverage: Georgia, Israel, United Kingdom, Hungary. The chairman is Neil Yanin and the CEO is Irakli Gilauri. In 2014, bank revenue was 605.6 million lari, operating income was 287.6 million lari, and profit was 240.8 million lari.

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