Opel Azerbaijan

name: Akhbar Al Khaleej hot: 388 website: http://www.akhbar-alkhaleej.com/ logo: Akhbar Al Khaleej is a Bahraini English newspaper. Its sister newspaper is the Bahrain Gulf Daily and the editor-in-chief is Anwar Abdullahman. The newspaper was first published on February 1, 1976, and is one of the oldest newspapers in Bahrain. READ MORE

name: Opel Azerbaijan

hot: 129

website: http://www.opel.az/


Opel Azerbaijan is a subsidiary of Opel in Azerbaijan.

All in all, Opel plays an important role in the global general company group. Opel is responsible for the primary engineering of Epsilon (I) platform, Epsilon II platform, Delta (I) platform, Delta (II) platform, Gamma platform, and refined Gamma II platform. GM’s new global platform D2xx is mainly designed by Opel.

name: BMW Armenia hot: 193 website: http://www.bmw.am/ logo: BMW Armenia (BMW Armenia) is a subsidiary of BMW in Armenia. BMW is listed on the FTSE4GoodIndex. The BMW Group was named the most sustainable DAX 30 company by Sustainalytics in 2012. Contact information for BMW Armenia: Tel: +374 10 54 40 60 / +374 10 54 40 80 Fax: +374 10... READ MORE

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