Habib Bank

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name: Habib Bank

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website: http://www.bankalhabib.com/


Bank Al Habib is a Pakistani bank operated by the Daoud Habib family group, headquartered in Multan, Punjab, and its main office is in Karachi.

Currently, Habib Bank has 475 branches (including sub-branches) and offshore banks in Bahrain, Turkey and export processing zones. Its history can be traced back to the 1930s.

Pakistan HBL was nationalized in 1971, and it is still one of the largest banks in Pakistan. Since 2002, it has been jointly owned by the Pakistani government and the Aga Khan Economic Development Foundation. In 1991, after it was announced by the Pakistani government of its privatization plan, the Habib Group was the first group to be granted the establishment of a private bank, so the group began to establish Habib Bank.

The Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of Habib Bank is Abbas D. Habib. In 2013, the company’s revenue was 14.26 billion rupees, net profit was 5.154 billion rupees, and 4678 employees, with the slogan ‘Your National Bank’.

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