BIRS index

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name: BIRS index

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The BIRS index is a stock index of the 12 largest companies listed on the Banja Luka Stock Exchange in Bosnia and Herzegovina on May 1, 2004. The index component is determined once every six months, on May 15 and November 15. The component companies must meet certain requirements set by BLSE.

Other indexes of the Banja Luka Stock Exchange include the FIRS index (13 privatization-investment fund index) and the ERS10 index (an index of 10 companies from the electric utility sector).

As of August 30, 2006, the company with the largest market capitalization in the BIRS index was Telekom Srpske ad Banja Luka, with a market capitalization of over 1 billion Brazilian reals (538 million euros).

As of August 22, 2006, the BIRS index includes the following 12 companies:

Birač ad Zvornik

Rafinerija ulja ad Modriča

NLB Razvojna banka ad Banja Luka

Nova banka ad Bijeljina

Banjalučka pivara ad Banja Luka

Boksit ad Milići

Tržnica ad Banja Luka

Srps ad Banja Luka Vitaminka

Banja Luka pošte ad Banja Luka

RK Boska ad Banja Luka

Metal ad Gradiška

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