Citibank Argentina

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name: Citibank Argentina

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Citibank Argentina is an Argentine commercial bank and financial services company, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Citibank in New York, and the tenth largest bank in Argentina. In October 2016, Citibank reached an agreement to sell its retail banking business in Argentina to Santander.

Citibank Argentina was established in 1914 as the Buenos Aires branch of the National City Bank of New York. It was also the first American bank to open in Argentina.

Citibank Argentina issues a series of credit cards, including Diners Club, Visa and MasterCard. Citibank Argentina has 60 branches, US$2.2 billion in deposits, and a loan portfolio of US$1.4 billion (approximately 3% of the domestic market).

Citibank Argentina is headquartered in Buenos Aires, Argentina. As of February 2010, it had 2,518 employees.

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