BCR Chișinău

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name: BCR Chișinău

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website: http://www.bcr.md/


BCR Chișinău is a subsidiary of Banca Comercială Romană, Republic of Moldova and a member of the Erste Group. BCR Chișinău is one of Moldova’s first foreign banks.

BCR Chișinău began operations on October 22, 1998 and served as a universal bank for companies and individuals. The shareholder capital was 24 million lei, which was further increased to 72813 million lei. The banking network includes 2 branches in Moldova, 1 institution and 40 ATMs.

BCR Chișinău provides individuals with current account services, savings tools, cards and ancillary services, loans, currency transfers, foreign exchange, online banking and other services. Banks provide companies and organizations with financing solutions, investment tools, trade financing, cross-border products, existing businesses, cards and ancillary services, online banking, SME products, foreign exchange business, exchange rate conversion and other services.

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