name: TIP TIG hot: 33 website: logo: TIP TIG is a subset of gas tungsten arc welding that uses a mechanism called filler wire stirring to enhance the dynamics of the molten weld pool. In fact, the welding system that adopts the TIG TIG method is the GTAW system. The TIP TIG process was invented and patented by the... READ MORE

name: SK-II

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SK-II is a beauty brand of Procter & Gamble, which was launched in Japan in 1980. SK-II is generally regarded as one of the most expensive beauty brands in the world. Its history can be traced back to the 1970s, when Japanese scientists discovered that the palms of women working in a Japanese sake workshop were very soft and youthful.

After years of research, Japanese scientists were able to isolate the natural, nutritious, and rich liquid Pitera that they wanted. In 1980, Japan’s Max Factor acquired ingredient and launched the first cosmetic containing the ingredient: Max Factor’s secret key Pitera.

The Max Factor market continues to expand, so it is renamed SK-II. In the following 15 years, Max Factor changed 5 different owners, but they lacked the attention to SK-II products. It was not changed until 1995, after the acquisition of P&G.

Lafley found that Japanese women did not like the brand, so he focused instead on using SK-II cream instead. Within five years, it became Japan’s top high-end cosmetics brand, surpassing Shiseido in sales. Today, it is the most popular beauty product, and its product line includes: skin care essence, essence Stempower and Stempower cream.

SK-II has expanded to several markets. Products sold outside Asia do not use the Max Factor name, but the brand abbreviation is ‘SK-II’. In Japan and most of Asia, SK-II is a sub-brand.

name: Jamaica Stock Exchange hot: 370 website: logo: Jamaica Stock Exchange (Jamaica Stock Exchange, JSE) is a major stock exchange in Jamaica. The exchange was established in 1968 in Kingston, Jamaica. The current chairman is Donovan Perkins. The four founding members of the Jamaica Stock Exchange are: Mr. Willard Sams – Annett Co., Ltd. Mr. Raglan S Golding –... READ MORE

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