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name: American Entertainment Weekly

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Entertainment Weekly (Entertainment Weekly, EW) is an American magazine published by Time Warner. The magazine covers movies, television, music, Broadway theaters, books and popular culture. Its sister publication is People Weekly. People Weekly mainly reports weekly celebrity stories, and Entertainment Weekly mainly reports entertainment media news and important comments.

Entertainment Weekly was created by Jeff Jarvis, and David Morris is the magazine publisher. In October 2007, the magazine was a consumer guide for popular culture, covering film, music and book reviews, video games and stage reviews. In 2003, the magazine had an average weekly circulation of 1.7 million copies.

Entertainment Weekly has celebrity covers and hot topics, such as TV ratings, movie box office revenue, production costs, concert ticket sales, advertising budgets, in-depth articles, producers, showrunners, etc.

The editor-in-chief of Entertainment Weekly is Jesskagel, and the former editor is Rick Tetzeli. In 2012, the total circulation of the magazine was 1,781,934. The first issue of the magazine was released on February 16, 1990, headquartered in New York City, USA.

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