The eight largest banks in Luxembourg in

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name: The eight largest banks in Luxembourg in 2013

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The Central Bank of Luxembourg (Central Bank of Luxembourg) is the central bank of Luxembourg, and the French name is Banque Centrale du Luxembourg. The bank was established in 1998 and the European Central Bank was also established in the same year. It is part of the European Central Banking System. The headquarter is located on the Royal Mile in the center of the Bank of Luxembourg. The Luxembourg State is the sole shareholder of the Central Bank of Luxembourg, with a capital amount of 175 million euros (as of December 31, 2008, the principal amount is 25 million euros).
Advanzia Bank is a Luxembourg bank established in 2005. The bank is regulated by the CSSF. It mainly provides euro savings accounts and free credit card services. The bank started as a Banki bank based on European Union banks. Kistefos was the largest shareholder of Bankia Bank and later became the largest shareholder of Advanzia Bank. Fyksen and Dr. Grenth Thomas Schlieper jointly established Advanzia Bank, which quickly grew into an important international credit card issuing bank.
Banque de Luxembourg (Banque de Luxembourg) was established in 1920 and is one of Luxembourg’s most important financial institutions. Headquartered in Luxembourg and other European countries, it provides clients with independent wealth management expertise. The Bank of France Luxembourg was established in 1920. The history of the Bank of France Luxembourg is closely connected with the rise of Luxembourg’s financial center. In 1920, Banque d’Alsace et de Lorraine opened its first branch in Luxembourg.
The Banque et Caisse d’épargne de l’état (Banque et Caisse d’épargne de l’état) is a Luxembourg bank established and owned by the Luxembourg government. The bank is called Spueerkeess in Luxembourgish, or BCEE for short. The National Savings Bank of Luxembourg was established in 1856. Over time, the bank continued to expand and finally transformed into a full-service bank on October 25, 1944. Today, it provides all the functions of a commercial bank, including retail banking and private banking.
Banque Raiffeisen is a Luxembourg banking and financial services company. The bank was established in 1926. It is one of the oldest banks in Luxembourg. It is an independent foreign shareholder bank. Banque Raiffeisen was established in 1926. The bank was the first independent cooperative bank in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, with operations throughout the country. At that time, Luxembourg’s banking business was mainly in rural areas, and the cooperative system had developed rapidly.
BGL BNP Paribas (BGL BNP Paribas) is a Luxembourg bank, formerly known as Banque Générale du Luxembourg. Since May 2009, it has been a member of the BNP Paribas Group. BGL BNP Paribas is one of the largest banks in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and the second largest employer bank in the country. It was founded on September 29, 1919 by the Luxembourg Société Générale de Belgique and Belgian partners.
KBL European Private Bankers (KBL European Private Bankers) is one of the largest onshore private banking groups in Europe. The bank is headquartered in Luxembourg, and its group has subsidiaries in nine European countries, including: Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Monaco, the Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. KBL European private bankers provide services to professional investors through its asset management, global investment services company and global financial markets sector. It manages 50 billion euros of assets and intends to expand its business to the Middle East and Asia.
Société Nationale de Crédit et d’Investissement (Société Nationale de Crédit et d’Investissement) is a banking financial institution in Luxembourg City that aims to encourage corporate investment, start-ups and research initiatives. The company was established in 1978 and its wholly-owned owner is Luxembourg. The Luxembourg National Investment Credit Bank service is provided by the Luxembourg National Investment Credit Corporation. Banking services include medium- and long-term financing for companies headquartered in Luxembourg, investment in companies operating abroad, including Luxembourg, and start to provide loans to small, medium and small businesses service.
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