name: 2013 Top Ten Best Art Design Websites Abroad hot: 379 1. Ralph Lauren Ralph Lauren Ralph Lauren website, including men, women and children, bedding, bathroom products and luxury clothing and other luxury goods.   2. is the portal site for Vogue and W magazines. It gathers many designers and has links to Condé Nast news reports.  ... READ MORE

name: 10 foreign scientific websites

hot: 3360

The Guardian is a British news website with a wealth of scientific content. The Guardian also has two international websites-Guardian America and Guardian Australia. The Guardian Online is the most widely read website in the world, with 42.6 million readers and nearly 9 million readers in the UK.
Smithsonian Magazine
Smithsonian online magazine (Smithsonian) is an extension of the Smithsonian print magazine. The website provides various historical, natural, cultural and scientific articles. Smithson focuses on unlocking the mysteries of the universe, world cultural values, and understanding and maintaining a biologically diverse planet.
Atlantic Monthly
The Atlantic was founded as a Washington magazine in 1857 and later became a literary and cultural review magazine. Now, Atlantic Monthly Online is an independent website dedicated to reporting global cities and trends, covering business, entertainment, technology, health, international affairs, etc.
National Geographic
National Geographic is a global organization that covers science, stories and exploration. National Geographic provides enlightening scientific reports and has well-known scientific writing blogs such as Maryn McKenna, Robert Krulwich, Carl Zimmer, Brian Switek and Ed Yong.
BBC online
BBC Online is one of the famous science news websites. The website regularly reports relevant scientific stories and provides documentaries such as BBC Earth and BBC Future. Now, BBC Online has become the most popular website in the world and one of the largest news websites in the world.
Nature Magazine
Nature is a British scientific journal, and was listed as the world’s most admired science journal in 2010, with approximately 3 million online readers per month.
Quanta Magazine
Quanta Magazine is an online publication aimed at improving the public’s understanding of science, with an online readership of approximately 3 million per month. Quanta magazine focuses on complex topics such as mathematics, theoretical computer science, basic life sciences, theoretical physics, and difficult sciences that others may overlook. Quanta magazine covers various scientific applications, such as: medicine, technology, engineering, health and environment.
Starts With A Bang
Ethan Siegel, a scientist who studies the universe, started astrophysics research in Wisconsin, USA. Later, Ethan Siegel created a blog called Starts With A Bang.
Nautilus articles incorporate philosophy, science, and culture into many stories, making it easier for readers to understand. Nautilus was launched in 2013 and won the Webby Award for Best Science Website in 2014, and won two National Excellent Magazine Awards in 2015.
10. Wired
Wired mainly focuses on the Internet, with content covering interactive games, mobile phones, digital special effects, Japanese otaku and other information. Wired co-founder Luis Roseto said that the digital revolution will sweep people’s lives like a typhoon.
name: Ten most popular e-commerce sites in Russia hot: 19504 1. is an Internet store in Russia that sells fashionable clothes and shoes. The products include women's, men's and children's clothing, footwear, and household and sporting goods.   2. claims to be Russia's first online store. is an Internet platform that provides a comfortable purchasing... READ MORE

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