New Media Channel 5

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name: New Media Channel 5

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Channel 5 (Singapore) is Singapore’s national 24-hour free English terrestrial radio and television channel. The programs mainly include English dramas, movies, sports, reality shows, variety shows, news, current affairs, children’s shows and game shows.

On November 1, 2014, MediaMedia Channel 5 announced a revision of the program, called ‘local upgrade’, because some prime time programs were moved 30 minutes earlier (for example, News 5 (formerly known as News 5 Tonight) was changed from 9.30pm moved to 9pm)), and the Super 7 prime time started on December 31 of the year.

On May 1, 2019, the morning and noon hours of MediaMedia Channel 5 were revised, and the name was changed to Okto on the 5th. This move is due to the closure of the free children and sports channel okto. The show replaced the CNA breakfast news briefing and was rerun. On the other hand, the prime time and late night programs are reserved.

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