name: Singapore Police Force hot: 1152 website: logo: The Singapore Police Force (SPF) is the main police agency that maintains law and order in Singapore, formerly known as the Singapore Police. It has grown from an organization of 11 people to 38,587 people. The reliability of Singapore's police service has been ranked among the top five in the Global... READ MORE

name: ViKi

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Viki is a video streaming website, the company is headquartered in Singapore. The website offers TV shows, movies and music videos from all over the world. The company has offices in Singapore, San Francisco, Indonesia and Seoul, South Korea. The company won the Best International Startup Company Crisp Award in January 2011.

Razmig Hovaghimian, Changseong Ho and Jiwon Moon jointly founded Viki in 2007. Initially, the company’s funding came from the Neoteny Lab, a Singapore-based startup fund jointly established by Joichi Ito and LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman.

Viki also develops translation software, which supports up to 160 languages. Viki Group cooperates with partners such as Hulu, Netflix and Yahoo for subtitled video, and obtains these distributors’ fees and revenue. The Viki website provides subtitled videos in approximately 200 languages.

In September 2011, Viki launched an iPhone application called Viki On-The-Go, which allows users to watch website content on their mobile phones. The company also develops Android applications with Samsung. In August 2011, attracted 14 million viewers, and in October of the same year it raised $20 million in funding from Greylock Partners, Andreessen Horowitz and the BBC.

In May 2012, Viki announced cooperation with Warner Music, Taiwanese Seed Music Group and South Korea Lion Entertainment. The company has sourced original content from partners, including the BBC. The company has also signed its original content distribution agreement with partners including: Hulu, Netflix, Yahoo, MSN, NBC and A&E, as well as Hong Kong TVB, South Korea SBS, Japan’s Fuji TV and Russia’s Amedia.

name: Singapore Ministry of Trade and Industry hot: 855 website: logo: Ministry of Trade and Industry (Singapore), MTI is the department that formulates Singapore’s trade and industrial development policies. Its goal is to promote economic growth and create good job opportunities to improve the lives of Singaporeans. Responsibilities of the Ministry of Trade and Industry of Singapore : Promote... READ MORE

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