Singapore Flying Academy

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name: Singapore Flying Academy

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Singapore Flying College (SFC) is a CAAS accredited flying school in Singapore. It is headquartered in Singapore’s SIA Training Center, next to Changi Airport, and is the location of ATPL ground training.

Founded in 1988, Singapore Flying Academy is part of Singapore Airlines Group. It is a student training school for Singapore Airlines, SilkAir, Scoot and Singapore Airlines in the cargo stage.

After successfully completing the ground training phase, the trainees were then transferred to Jandakot Airport in Perth, Western Australia and other training institutions of the Singapore Flying Academy to continue their multi-crew pilot license flight training.

Singapore Flying Academy opened its third training center at Maroochydore Sunshine Coast Airport. However, due to changes in the pilot training course, the course was closed in March 2014 after 12 years of operation.

In July 2013, Singapore Airlines Group decided to cancel the AFT phase and conduct Multi-Crew cooperation/jet conversion courses at the SIA training center, as well as D-level simulator circuit training. All jet trainers have been eliminated.

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