Singapore Ministry of Trade and Industry

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name: Singapore Ministry of Trade and Industry

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Ministry of Trade and Industry (Singapore), MTI is the department that formulates Singapore’s trade and industrial development policies. Its goal is to promote economic growth and create good job opportunities to improve the lives of Singaporeans.

Responsibilities of the Ministry of Trade and Industry of

: Promote the growth potential and development of Singapore’s industry.

To protect Singapore’s international trade interests, especially to enhance Singapore’s access to global markets for goods, services and investments.

Formulate and improve Singapore’s economic policy.

The Ministry of Trade and Industry of Singapore was established in March 1979, with a total of 770 employees and a 2010 budget of S$3.36 billion. The Minister is Lin Xunqiang, the Deputy Minister is S Iswaran, the Senior Minister of State is Li Yixian, and the Minister of State is Zhang Sile.

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