Singapore Citi International Personal Bank

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name: Singapore Citi International Personal Bank

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Citibank IPB Singapore is a division of Citibank IPB Singapore. Currently, it has three branches and more than 9,000 employees in central Singapore.

Other divisions of Citigroup Singapore are Citi Institutional Client Group, Global Consumer Banking, Citi Global Wealth Management and Citi Private Bank.

The Citi Institutional Client Group provides financial services to corporate, government and institutional clients.

Citi’s global consumer finance branch is one of the retail banks in the region.

Citigroup’s International Private Bank is one of its global offshore banking outlets.

Global Wealth Management Singapore personal and family services, it has a net worth of more than 10 million US dollars.

Singapore Citi International personal banking services include: online banking, personal banking, VIP wealth management and VIP wealth management private customers.

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