Tamil Nadu Military and Police Department Recruitment Committee

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name: Tamil Nadu Military and Police Department Recruitment Committee

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website: http://www.tnusrb.tn.gov.in/


The Tamil Nadu Uniformed Services Recruitment Board (TNUSRB) was established by the government of Tamil Nadu in India in accordance with the decree of November 1991 to recruit military and police personnel, such as police and prisons. And fire and rescue agencies.

The staff structure of the recruitment committee of the Tamil Nadu military and police department includes: a police chief-level director, a police director-general-level member, a police inspector general-level member secretary, a police supervisor, a legal adviser, and A senior administrative officer, a deputy police chief, a personal assistant and 20 other office workers.

The Tamil Nadu Military and Police Department Recruitment Committee is entrusted by the Police Department, Fire and Rescue Service Department, and Prison Department to recruit several types of personnel:

1. Police Department: Deputy Inspector of Police (Male and Female), Deputy Inspector (Technical) (Male and Female), Police Officer II (male and female).

2. Fire and Rescue Service Department: Firefighters

3. Prison Department: Prison Guard II (Male and Female)

The Tamil Nadu Military and Police Department Recruitment Committee is headquartered at No. 807, 2nd Floor, Chengalvaraya Naicker Building, Chennai, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, with a total of 22 staff.

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