Faking News

name: Ministry of Information Technology of India hot: 133 website: http://www.mit.gov.in/ logo: The Ministry of Information Technology of India is responsible for the development of the Indian information technology industry. The website includes organization chart, affiliated institutions and other information. READ MORE

name: Faking News

hot: 964

website: http://www.fakingnews.com/


Faking News started as a blog and is now an Indian satirical news website. The website publishes’fake news’ that satirizes Indian politics and Indian society. It is the mainstream Indian critical news media. The website was launched on September 15, 2008. It was founded by Rahul Roushan, a management consultant in Delhi.

According to the latest Alexa ranking, Faking News ranks 2nd in English news satirical websites, second only to Onion News. On May 31, 2013, it announced that it had been acquired by Network 18 Group.

name: Jammu and Kashmir State School Education Commission hot: 136 website: http://jkbose.co.in/ logo: The Jammu and Kashmir State Board of School Education (JKSBSE) is the institution responsible for school education in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. It was established on August 28, 1975. READ MORE

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