IndusInd Bank

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name: IndusInd Bank

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IndusInd Bank Limited is a new generation bank located in Mumbai, India. It was established in Maharashtra, India in April 1994. Banks provide business, transaction and electronic banking products and services.

IndusInd Bank was opened in April 1994 by the then Union Finance Minister Manmohan Singh. IndusInd Bank is the first of a new generation of private banks in India. The bank specializes in retail banking services and continuously upgrades its support system by introducing new technologies. It is also committed to expanding its branch network throughout India while meeting global benchmarks.

As of April 2016, IndusInd Bank has 800 branches and 1,500 ATMs. It has a representative office in London and a representative office in Dubai. It has the most branches in Mumbai, followed by New Delhi and Chennai. It plans to increase the number of branches to 1,200 by March 2017.

The stock code of IndusInd Bank listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange is 532187, and the CEO is Romesh Sobti. Its revenue in 2014 was Rs 82.5 billion, and its total assets in 2015 were US$15.7 billion.

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