Bharat Heavy Power Co., Ltd.

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name: Bharat Heavy Power Co., Ltd.

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Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL) is an Indian manufacturer of power plant equipment and operates as an engineering and manufacturing company. It is owned by the Government of India and is headquartered in New Delhi. It is the largest engineering and manufacturing company in India.

Bharat Heavy Power Co., Ltd. was established in 1964. Heavy Power (India) Co., Ltd. merged the company in 1974. In 1982, it began to enter the power generation equipment market and reduced its dependence on the power sector. It develops various electrical, electronic and mechanical equipment for various industries, which cover transmission, transportation, oil, natural gas and other related industries.

In 1991, Bharat Heavy Power Co., Ltd. was converted into a public limited liability company. By the end of 1996, the company had delivered 100 electric locomotives to the Indian Railways and installed 250 sets of hydropower equipment throughout India.

The chairman and general manager of Bharat Heavy Power Co., Ltd. is B Prasada Rao. Products include: gas turbines and steam turbines, boilers, generators, heat exchangers, pumps, switches, sensors, automation and control systems, power electronics, transmissions System etc.

In 2014, Bharat Heavy Electric Co., Ltd. had revenue of 411.923 billion rupees (US$6.5 billion), net profit of 35.286 billion rupees (US$550 million), total assets of 752.257 billion rupees (US$12 billion), and total equity of 331.567 billion rupees. Rupees (approximately US$5.2 billion), with 47,525 employees.

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