name: blood curse hot: 75 website: logo: Bloodborne is an action role-playing game developed by FromSoftware and released by Sony Computer Entertainment for PlayStation 4. The game was released globally in March 2015. The player uses the hunter character to walk through the shabby Gothic, Victorian-style city Yharnam, where residents are tortured by abnormal blood-borne diseases. The player character... READ MORE

name: amiami

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amiami is Japan’s largest figure selling website. Figure is a kind of Japanese animation peripheral products, especially the uncolored and assembled model kits. It requires a series of complex crafts such as polishing, assembling, and coloring by the player’s own hands. The difficulty is far greater than that of general model making. The main material is resin.

amiami mainly sells figurines and second-hand figurines. Users can learn the rankings of the hands and the details of second-hand hands from the website. In addition, the website will regularly provide some discounts and discounts to provide users with high-quality and inexpensive hand-made products. The figure items sold on the website include: pretty girl figures, ordinary figures, overseas figure works, figure collections, robot toys, dolls, railway models, etc.

amiami contact information:

Tel: 03-5803-1633

Email: [email protected]

name: Art Co., Ltd hot: 168 website: logo: Art Co., Ltd is a Japanese video game developer headquartered in Tokyo. READ MORE

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