name: Artdink hot: 261 website: https://www.artdink.co.jp/ logo: Artdink is a Japanese video game developer headquartered in Tsukishima, Tokyo. So far, Artdink’s most successful game internationally is A-Train (called A Ressha de Ikou in Japan, or ‘Take the A-Train’) strategy game, released by PC and Amiga. Several other Artdink games have been released in various US and PAL versions, including Aquanaut’s... READ MORE

name: Wazap!

hot: 956

website: http://www.wazap.com/


Wazap! is a game vertical search engine that includes: game news, game rankings, game cheats, game downloads and game reviews, video game databases and game social networking sites. As a game vertical search engine, it indexes game websites and contains various game news, reviews, cheats, downloads, trailers and articles. It uses an internally developed search algorithm to rank indexed web pages according to their relevance. The relevance of its search engine results page is obtained from user interactivity.

Wazap! was first launched in Japan, initially as a community site for gamers. At first, the site had game news and user-generated information. Later, it covered game searches and provided more game information, and began to face globalization. It launched two localized versions of the website: Wazap! (Japan) and Wazap! (Germany).

In 2004, Wazap! launched a Japanese version. Soon after, it began to roll out the German version. In November 2006, it launched the Chinese version. In June 2007, it launched the US version. So the name’Wazap’ comes from the combination of Japanese and English.’Wazap’ is a combination of Waza in Chinese, meaning’get up’. In Japanese,’Waza’ means’shu’, judo athlete, martial arts apprentice of judo.’The two words’waza ‘and’up’ form a new word, meaning’improve to achieve/have great ambition’.

Wazap! Game web search uses two methods to find video game content on the web. First, it uses an automated web crawler to discover and index game content. It collects information from gaming websites, gaming blogs, forums and independent news source websites. Secondly, the website also accepts information submitted by users.

Wazap! uses a dynamic XML structure to generate automatic RSS feeds based on search queries. When users search Wazap web search, they can add RSS feeds to any RSS reader. Its game database contains more than 10,000 video games. The company was established in Berlin, Germany in April 2004 and is headquartered in Los Angeles, California, USA.

name: Mitsukoshi hot: 373 website: http://www.mitsukoshi.co.jp/ logo: Mitsukoshi is an international department store chain in Japan, headquartered in Muromachi, Chuoqiao, Tokyo. It is a subsidiary of Mitsukoshi Isetan Holdings. The company was listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange on March 26, 2008, with the code 2779. Mitsukoshi Co., Ltd. was established in Edo Town as Echigoya in 1673. At first,... READ MORE

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