Azerbaijan Deka Bank

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name: Azerbaijan Deka Bank

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Azerbaijan Deka Bank (DekaBank) was established in 1989. At first it was the first private bank in Azerbaijan. Before the collapse of the Soviet Union, it was used as a cooperative bank, and the Central Bank of Azerbaijan granted it a banking license in 1992, so it can engage in various commercial banking services.

The headquarters of Deka Bank of Azerbaijan is Baku, Azerbaijan, the chairman of the supervisory board is Surayya Agayeva, and the chairman of the management committee is Nyaz Valiev. Since 1996, it is a member bank of Baku Interbank Foreign Exchange.

In 2001, Deka Bank of Azerbaijan has provided services to customers through the Global Interbank Financial Telecommunications system, and the payment can be received in currency anywhere in the world. The SWIFT system is considered to be the fastest information transmission system in the world. If the bank system has the counterparty’s proxy account, then the information may be transferred in only 15-20 seconds.

In 2000, Azerbaijan Deka Bank has joined the SPCS system, which is a small payment settlement system. This system is used to transfer funds totaling up to 40,000 manats within Azerbaijan. Since 2003, it has been a member of the MIGOM remittance system. The MIGOM system can process transfers and payments (currency: rubles, US dollars) from CIS countries in a short period of time (10 minutes).

In March 2003, Azerbaijan Deka Bank is a bank authorized by the National Entrepreneurship Support Fund of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Republic of Azerbaijan. In 2004, Deutsche Bank Limited Liability Commercial Bank changed its legal organization and is now Deutsche Bank Open Joint Stock Company.

In 2005, Deka Bank of Azerbaijan was a member of the Western Union International Money Transfer System. Through this system, cash assets can be transferred to any place in the world at any time. In 2007, it joined the Bistraya POCHTA international remittance system.

In 2007, Azerbaijan Deka Bank was a member of the Investment Insurance Fund. Deutsche Ka Bank CB Joint Stock Company guarantees customer payments in accordance with the Investment Insurance Law. In 2008, Deutsche Ka Bank CB OJSC social banking services expanded and began to accept payments from public utilities.

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