Central Bank of Kuwait

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name: Central Bank of Kuwait

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website: http://www.cbk.gov.kw/


The Central Bank of Kuwait (Central Bank of Kuwait) is the central bank of Kuwait. The bank was established on June 30, 1969, with the responsibility of stabilizing the Kuwaiti currency. Currently, it is building a new building in the Sahrq area.

The Central Bank of Kuwait is headquartered in Kuwait City, and its president is Sheikh Salim Abdulaziz Al-Sabah. It has public and private sector boards, so it can also act as a financial advisor to banks and governments.

The functions of the Central Bank of Kuwait include: issuing Kuwaiti dinar currency, controlling credit policies to assist social and economic development, assisting national income growth, controlling Kuwait’s banking system, monthly and quarterly currency statistics, economic reports, daily markets, etc.

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