Rizzani de Eccher

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name: Rizzani de Eccher

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website: http://www.rizzanideeccher.com/


Rizzani de Eccher SpA is the general contractor for the international construction market in Italy, headquartered in Udine, northeast of Italy, and brings together multiple operating units in the fields of civil engineering, infrastructure and construction.

Rizzani de Eccher conducts business in many fields around the world through its subsidiaries:

Rizzani de Eccher USA Inc.

Codest International Srl

Sacaim SpA

trades Srl

Tensacciai Srl

Tensa America LLC

Immobiliare Rizzani de Eccher (IRiDe) Srl.

de Eccher Interiors Srl

Rizzani de Eccher operates in three different construction areas:

general contracting of buildings and infrastructure,

bridge construction design, engineering and special equipment and technology,

real estate development

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