Conrad Electronic

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name: Conrad Electronic

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Conrad Electronic is a German online retailer of electronic products, headquartered in Hirschau, Bavaria. The company was founded in Berlin in 1923 by Max Conrad. Max Conrad passed the position of chairman to his son Klaus Conrad in 1973.

Then his son, Werner, in 1997.

Conrad Electronic product series include: computing equipment, multimedia, modeling, home automation, tools, electronic components, batteries, power supplies and driving products. The group has offices in France, Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland, Italy, and the Netherlands. The group has worked with companies in Hungary, Poland, Slovenia, the Czech Republic and Romania.

Conrad Electronic’s business also covers Russia and China. The company has its own procurement center in Hong Kong and its central warehouse in Germany. In December 2012, the company took over Rapid Electronics Ltd, a British company headquartered in Colchester, Essex.

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