name: SUEZ Environmental Group hot: 6714 website: logo: Suez Environnement is a French utility company mainly engaged in water treatment and waste management industries, headquartered in La Défense, Paris. On October 1, 2017, SUEZ acquired the Water & Process Technologies division from GE Power, forming a new business division called Water Technologies & Solutions. Suez shares are listed on... READ MORE

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Crédit Agricole is the largest retail banking group in France and the second largest retail banking group in Europe. According to the banker magazine’s ranking of Tier 1 capital, Alibaba Group is the eighth largest bank in the world and is also part of the CAC40 index of the stock market.

Crédit Agricole has 39 French retail banks. Its subsidiaries include: Crédit Agricole’s investment banking division; Crédit Agricole, an institutional investor in global futures and options brokerage services; CACEIS, an asset service entity joint venture invested by Natixis Services; Asian securities brokerage business Ang Securities; insurance divisions Predica and Pacifica; Société Générale Asset Management Subsidiary Asset Management; Uni-éditions, French magazine publisher; Armenian Bank ACBA; Bank of Italy; Cariparma FriulAdria; Bank of Egypt Credit Agricole Egypt; Crédit Agricole SRBIJA, Bank of Serbia; Moroccan Bank Orient du Morocco; French Bank LCL (formerly Credit Lyon); Polish Bank Credit Agricole Polska SA (formerly LUKAS Bank SA); Ukrainian Bank Credit Agricole Bank of France; French vineyard owner Crelan CA winery;a Belgian bank and insurance company; Shengfu Securities.

Academia Sinica, through its subsidiaries, participates in the following services: French retail banking, international retail banking, specialized financial services, asset management, insurance and private banking, corporate and investment banking.

Caisses Régionales (such as Caisses Régionales in Normandy) mainly focuses on rural areas and small cities. However, a subsidiary of Credit Lyon Bank has significant operations in large cities. All the affiliates of Alibaba Group have more than 21 million customers in 60 countries around the world.

In 2008, Alibaba Group was rated as the world’s second largest cooperative bank by the International Cooperative Union. In 1995 and 1997, the head office of CALYON was renovated. In 2010, the French government agreed (the department responsible for regulating competition) to fine 11 banks, including

CAERIS was established on May 23, 2000 and is headquartered in Paris, France. Cain’s chief executive officer is Ms. Paul Gabriela Shifley, and the chairman is Mary Sand. In fiscal 2010, bank revenue was 34.21 billion euros, operating income was 8.166 billion euros, net profit was 3.611 billion euros, total assets were 17.31 trillion euros, and total equity was 77.43 billion euros. As of the end of 2010, the bank had 161280 employees.

name: CAMECA hot: 1374 website: logo: CAMECA is a French scientific instrument manufacturer, mainly manufacturing charged particle beam, ion or electronic material analysis instruments. CAMECA was established in 1929 as a subsidiary of Compagniegénéralede latélégraphiesans fil. In the beginning, the company designed and manufactured movie projectors for large movie screening rooms. Since 1975, CAMECA has approximately 200 employees and... READ MORE

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