name: SUEZ Environmental Group hot: 6714 website: logo: Suez Environnement is a French utility company mainly engaged in water treatment and waste management industries, headquartered in La Défense, Paris. On October 1, 2017, SUEZ acquired the Water & Process Technologies division from GE Power, forming a new business division called Water Technologies & Solutions. Suez shares are listed on... READ MORE

name: Dormeuil

hot: 376



Dormeuil was a French textile company founded by 22-year-old Jules Dormeuil in 1842. Dominic Dormeuil is the current chairman. Monobrand stores are located in Paris, Neuilly-sur-Seine, Bordeaux, Strasbourg and Tokyo Minato area.

At first, Dormeuil imported fabrics from England. In 1862, the company was headquartered at Vivienne 4, Paris, France. The first store outside France opened at 10 New Burlington Street, London, England.

name: CAMECA hot: 1374 website: logo: CAMECA is a French scientific instrument manufacturer, mainly manufacturing charged particle beam, ion or electronic material analysis instruments. CAMECA was established in 1929 as a subsidiary of Compagniegénéralede latélégraphiesans fil. In the beginning, the company designed and manufactured movie projectors for large movie screening rooms. Since 1975, CAMECA has approximately 200 employees and... READ MORE

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