name: British Economist hot: 2034 website: logo: The Economist is an English weekly newspaper owned by The Economist Group. It has an office in London. The magazine was published by James Wilson in September 1843. In 2006, its average weekly circulation was 1.5 million copies, about half of which were sold in the United States. The editor-in-chief of The... READ MORE

name: Cambashi

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Cambashi is an Anglo-American industry analysis company. The company focuses on the manufacturing and distribution of information technology markets in the energy, utilities and construction industries. The company serves suppliers and users of information technology. Cambashi provides consulting services to the top ten suppliers in its field, especially in the areas of life cycle management and industrial automation applications (such as manufacturing operations management).

Cambashi is known for market data, which quantifies and plans a series of vertical industries and their sub-sectors of the global information technology market. In addition, the company provides qualitative analysis such as white papers and research reports for long-term customers, including Infor, SAP and Siemens. In addition to market data, the company also provides consulting services and online industry training courses for professionals in vertical industries. Cambashi’s international market forecasts are widely quoted in trade news.

Cambashi was founded by Mike Evans in 1984. It focuses on providing consulting services for users and suppliers who adopt CAD/CAM and related computer-aided technologies. In 1988, the company created the computer-aided technology network CATN and provided consulting services on these technologies to the European Union.

name: EventPlan Co., Ltd. hot: 293 website: logo: EventPlan Limited (EventPlan Limited) is a small-scale British historical event company established in 2000. Every year, the company specializes in providing a limited number of life history and life reproduction displays, including the National Trust Fund, local councils and personal historical heritage. In the past, EventPlan Co., Ltd. has assisted in... READ MORE

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