Swire Group

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name: Swire Group

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Swire Group is a diversified company headquartered in Swire Building, Westminster, London, UK. It has a series of wholly-owned enterprises, including: deep sea transportation, cold storage, road transportation and agricultural activities. The current chairman of the company is He Litai. The name of Swire is derived from the Chinese words of Swire.

The parent company of Swire Group is Swire Group Limited. In the early 19th century, the British Swire Group was founded by John Swire (1793-1847). The company was originally called Liverpool Import and Export Company. In 1861, the British Swire Group Co., Ltd. began to trade with the company with China through its agent Augustine Hurd.

In 1866, Swire Group established a subsidiary in Shanghai with its partners RS Butterfield, Butterfield. Four years later, Butterfield Hong Kong branch was established. In 1974, Hong Kong Butterfield changed its name to Swire Group (Hong Kong) Limited.

The core business of the Swire Group in Hong Kong is operated through the publicly listed Swire Limited. The core business of the group is divided into: real estate, aviation, beverages, marine services and trade and industry. The shares of Swire Pacific Limited are listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange under the stock codes: 0019 (A shares) and 0087 (B shares).

Swire Pacific is Hong Kong’s largest airline Cathay Pacific’s largest shareholder. In July 2013, the Group acquired Argent Energy (UK), a Scottish biodiesel company. Swire Properties was established in 1972. It mainly develops and manages commercial, retail and residential properties, with a special focus on mixed-use development in prime locations at major transportation interchanges.

In fiscal year 2011, the Swire Group had operating income of US$4.67 billion, net profit of US$4.4 billion, and a total of 121,600 employees. Subsidiaries include: Swire, Swire Properties Cathay Pacific, Dragonair, Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering, and Steamship Trading Company.

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