Waldorf Hilton London

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The Waldorf Hilton,London (The Waldorf Hilton,London), formerly the Waldorf Astoria Hotel, is a historic hotel in Aldwych, London, England. It is a hotel under the Hilton Hotels and Resorts chain, with a history dating back to 1908.

The Waldorf Hilton London was originally founded by one of the famous Astor family members, Astor William Waldorf Astor. The hotel has 298 rooms, including 19 suites.

The Waldorf Hilton London opened in 1908. In addition to providing rooms, it is also a place where passersby provide dinner, afternoon tea or drinks. When it opened, the hotel had 400 bedrooms and 176 bathrooms.

In 2004, the Hilton Hotel Group took over the hotel and renamed it the Waldorf Hilton Hotel. In 2005, Waldorf invested 35 million pounds in the renovation project. In 2015, the Waldorf Hilton Hotel invested another £13.5 million in refurbishment.

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