Raymond Morris Group

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name: Raymond Morris Group

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website: http://www.rmonline.com/


The Raymond Morris Group (The Raymond Morris Group) is a British and international company registration, trust and foundation wealth management solutions provider.

Raymond Morris Group was founded in the City of London 35 years ago. In addition to providing complete UK company registration services, the group also provides a series of related services, including comprehensive management, management services and brand protection. The group owns and operates the online company information and anti-money laundering database aRMadillo.

In June 1997, Raymond Morris Group was the first European online information provider to provide Internet delivery services, including providing UK company search reports, online delivery of statutory document downloads and company searches and other priorities.

Now, the Raymond Morris Group database covers 220 countries around the world, with instant corporate reports and credit checks for more than 120 million companies, international company documents for more than 1,000 registries, and instant access to the UK company buildings and the Republic of Ireland More than 420 million company documents.

The main clients of Raymond Morris Group include: legal professionals, accountants and accounting professionals, credit reporting agencies, risk management consultants, banks and financial institutions, senior managers and boards of directors.

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