name: Roslin Institute hot: 1113 website: http://www.roslin.ac.uk/ logo: The Roslin Institute is an animal science institute located in Easter Bush, Lothian, Scotland. It is part of the University of Edinburgh and is funded by the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council. The current director is Professor David Hume FRSE. The Roslin Institute gained an international reputation in 1996 when Ian... READ MORE

name: Logoease

hot: 661

website: http://www.logoease.com/


Logoease is a free logo maker software.

Logoease advantages:

1. Provided for free.

2. Simple and fast.

3. Do it yourself.

5. Fun.

Disadvantages of Logoease:

1. Cannot design trademarks.

2. Do it yourself (lack of design skills, color, font selection and layout).

3. Some file formats may cost to download.

4. Not suitable for profit-driven enterprises.

name: Qili Law Firm hot: 799 website: https://www.clydeco.com/ logo: Clyde & Co is a global law firm focused on five core areas: insurance, energy, trade and commodities, infrastructure and transportation. Qili Law Firm was founded by Scottish lawyer Richard Arthur Clyde. Qili Law Firm has 52 offices and 2,200 legal professionals worldwide, covering Latin America, Africa, Europe, the United States,... READ MORE

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