Qili Law Firm

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name: Qili Law Firm

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website: https://www.clydeco.com/


Clyde & Co is a global law firm focused on five core areas: insurance, energy, trade and commodities, infrastructure and transportation. Qili Law Firm was founded by Scottish lawyer Richard Arthur Clyde.

Qili Law Firm has 52 offices and 2,200 legal professionals worldwide, covering Latin America, Africa, Europe, the United States, Canada, the Middle East, Asia Pacific and the United Kingdom. In the 2018-2019 fiscal year, the company’s revenue was 611 million pounds (approximately $775 million), marking the 21st consecutive year of growth.

In 1981, Qili Law Firm opened its first overseas office in Hong Kong. After that, the company opened offices in the Middle East, Asia, Europe and America. In recent years, the company has developed rapidly.

In 2011, Qili Law Firm announced the merger with Canadian companies Nicholl Paskell-Mede and Barlow Lyde & Gilbert. According to reports, the merger with BLG is the largest merger between the two British law firms, with an estimated turnover of more than 300 million pounds. In September 2015, the company merged with Simpson & Marwick, a leading Scottish company.

In recent years, Qili Law Firm has offices in Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, Beijing, Madrid, Atlanta, South Africa, Brisbane, Miami, Dusseldorf, Chicago, Washington DC, Mexico City, Los Angeles, Orange County and Hamburg Open a new office.

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