Danish Royal Family

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name: Danish Royal Family

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The Kingdom of Denmark is the oldest monarchy in the world. The old King Gorm is the first monarch of Denmark. For more than a thousand years, two dynasties have risen in the throne inherited by the Danish royal family. One is the Orenburg dynasty and the other is Glucks. Fort Dynasty.

Like the history of many countries, the history of Denmark is actually a history of the Danish royal family. It can be said that the basic historical facts are recorded based on the lives and deeds of successive kings and major historical events at that time. There are many in the history of the Danish royal family. Mythological and colorful stories have been passed down to this day.

The Danish royal family has a higher degree of ‘democratization’ and is more ‘open’. They abide by the royal family’s rules of not asking for politics, abiding by the constitution and maintaining a thrifty life style. They are very popular. King Fed IX is approachable, amiable, and the Danish people They have a harmonious relationship and are loved by the people. The Queen of Denmark has won acclaim from the Danes through her admiration, New Year’s TV speeches, and participation in art activities like ordinary people.

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