Swiss Avalue Private Bank

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name: Swiss Avalue Private Bank

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Falcon Private Bank is a leading Swiss private bank in Switzerland, the Middle East and Asia. The company provides personalized wealth management solutions for high-net-worth clients, households and institutional investors.

Swiss Avalue Private Bank is owned by Alba Investment Company, the bank is headquartered in Abu Dhabi, UAE, and the Abu Dhabi government indirectly holds the bank. The bank was established in 1965. The bank has branches and representative offices in Geneva, Hong Kong, Singapore, Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

The Abu Dhabi representative office is the second office of Swiss Avalue Private Bank in the UAE. In 2008, the bank opened an office in Dubai. Swiss Avalue Private Bank also holds 42.5% of zweiplus bank shares, and the other 57.5% is held by the controlling shareholder bank Sarasin & Cie.

Swiss Avalue Private Bank has approximately US$12 billion in asset management and approximately 3,000 customers worldwide. The asset segment is: Asia accounts for about 15% of total assets, Europe accounts for about 75%, and the rest are distributed in the Gulf region and Latin America.

Avalue Private Bank of Switzerland has agreed to acquire London Claredan Lei (Europe), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Credit Suisse Group headquartered in the United Kingdom. London Claridan Lei (Europe) has more than 2.1 billion US dollars in assets under management, and its main markets are in Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa and other emerging markets. The subsidiary provides wealth and asset management services to private clients.

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