name: Breguet hot: 618 website: http://breguet.ch/ logo: Breguet (Breguet) is a Swiss luxury watch manufacturer. It was founded by Abraham-Louis Bao in Paris, France in 1775. Currently, it is a company of the Swatch Group. Its brand watches have been produced in the Swiss Jura Valley since 1976. Breguet is a long-standing surviving watch manufacturing site and pioneer of many... READ MORE

name: Izhavia

hot: 197

website: http://izhavia.su/


JSC Izhavia is a Russian airline, headquartered in Udmurt Izhevsk. It is the national airline of the Udmurt Republic of Russia, mainly operating domestic charter flights and scheduled passenger services. Its main base is Izhevsk Airport.

Izhavia was established in 1992 as the Izhevsk aviation company. Its main hub is Izhevsk Airport, with 18 aircraft and 5 destinations. The general manager is Mikhail Semyonovich Khatomkin.

name: Sberbank of the Russian Federation hot: 3043 website: https://www.sberbank.ru/ logo: Sberbank of Russia is a Russian bank headquartered in Moscow. As of 2012, it is the largest bank in Russia and Eastern Europe and the third largest bank in Europe. In July 2014, the Sberbank of the Russian Federation ranked 33rd in the list of the top 1000 global... READ MORE

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