Austrian Airlines

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name: Austrian Airlines

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Austrian Airlines (Austrian Airlines) is Austria’s flagship airline, a subsidiary of Lufthansa Group, headquartered at Vienna International Airport in Schwechat.

As of July 2016, Austrian Airlines offers flights to 55 countries/regions and more than 120 international year-round and seasonal destinations, and is a member of Star Alliance. Due to the outbreak of the novel coronavirus pneumonia, the airline temporarily suspended operations on March 17, 2020.

Austrian Airlines was formed by the merger of Austrian Airlines and Austrian Airlines in 1957, and its history can be traced back to when Austrian Airlines was founded in 1923. In 2000, it expanded through acquisitions of Rheintalflug and Lauda Air, and in 2003 adopted the abbreviated Austrian name.

Throughout the decade, Austrian Airlines suffered several years of losses. In 2008, the owner Austrian government sold it to a foreign company. After investigating the tender process, the Lufthansa Group purchased Austrian Airlines after obtaining approval from the European Commission in 2009.

Austrian Airlines has 83 aircrafts, 130 destinations, a total of 7,083 employees in December 2018, 2017 revenue of 2.5 billion euros, and operating income of 101 million euros.

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