name: Valmet Automotive hot: 123 website: logo: Valmet Automotive is a contract manufacturer and service provider for the Finnish automotive industry. The company provides services in automotive engineering, automotive manufacturing, automotive power solutions, as well as kinematics and convertible roof systems. Valmet Automotive manufactures high-end cars, convertibles, and electric cars. The company has 6000 employees in Finland, Germany, Poland... READ MORE

name: Almirall

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Almirall, SA is a Spanish pharmaceutical company headquartered in Barcelona, ​​​​founded in 1943.

In 2016, Almirall’s total revenue was 859.3 million euros, making it a leading pharmaceutical company in Spain’s R&D investment. In 2016, it had 1975 employees and operated through its 13 branches in Europe and the United States.

Almirall development history:

Laboratorios Almirall SA was established in 1943.

In 1979, the gastrointestinal motility type clebopride was launched in Spain, which was the first product of another country’s license obtained by the company’s internal research.

2001 opened a branch in Mexico and acquired a French branch.

2002 opened a branch in Italy.

2003 opened a branch in Germany.

Acquired ThermiGen LLC in 2016.

Almirall has three R&D centers in Spain and Germany (Reinbeck), and Switzerland (Lugano). The Reinbeck Dermatology Advanced Research Center specializes in researching and developing new formulations for the treatment of skin diseases.

Almirall also has three production centers: two in Spain, a pharmaceutical factory in San André de la Bassa (Barcelona) and a pharmaceutical and chemical factory in San Celoni (Barcelona); in Germany (Reinbeck) There is a pharmaceutical factory; and 13 branches in Germany, Austria, Belgium-Luxembourg, the United States, France, the Netherlands, Italy, the Nordic countries, Poland, Portugal, the United Kingdom-Ireland, Spain and Switzerland.

name: TomTom hot: 83 website: logo: TomTom NV is a Dutch multinational company, a developer and creator of positioning technology and consumer electronics. TomTom was founded in 1991 and is headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. In 2004, it launched the first-generation satellite navigation device to the market. As of 2018, TomTom has 5,077 employees worldwide, with operations in 29... READ MORE

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