Ntreev Soft

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name: Ntreev Soft

hot: 380

website: http://www.ntreev.com/


Ntreev Soft Co., Ltd. is a Korean video game company, which is mainly known for the development of online multiplayer golf game PANGYA and anime-style MMORPG Trickster Online.

At first, Ntreev Soft hosted the North American version of MMORPG Grand Chase, and then transferred the management rights to the North American branch of KOG (previously known as Kill3rCombo).

On July 8, 2011, NCsoft Corp. signed a contract with SK Telecom to acquire Ntreev Soft Co., Ltd. from SK Group, because NCsoft has never successfully launched casual online games. On February 15, 2012, NCsoft acquired Ntreev Soft from the parent company SK Telecom.

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