Samsung Electro-Mechanics

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name: Samsung Electro-Mechanics

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Samsung Electro-Mechanics is a South Korean multinational electronic component company headquartered in Suwon, Gyeonggi Province, and CEO Lee Yun Tae. It is the flagship subsidiary of Samsung Group.

Samsung Electro-Mechanics was established in 1973 as a key electronic component manufacturer. Now, the company has become Korea’s leading manufacturer of electronic components. Revenue in 2011 was US$6.12 billion.

The four divisions of Samsung Electro-Mechanics:

LCR (Inductance Capacitor Resistor) Division, including multilayer ceramic chip capacitors and tantalum capacitors;

ACI (Advanced Circuit Interconnect) Division, including high-density interconnection and IC (Integrated Circuit) substrates;

CDS (Circuit Drive Solutions) department, including digital tuners, network modules, power modules and ubiquitous modules;

OMS (Optical and Mechatronics Solutions) department, including image sensor modules and precision motors.

In 2014, Samsung Electro-Mechanics had revenue of 7.143 trillion won, operating income of 1.7 billion won, profit of 508 billion won, total assets of 7.18 trillion won, and 37,461 employees.

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