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name: LS cable hot: 1985 website: http://www.lscns.com/ logo: LS Cable & System is a Korean industrial company, it is one of the world's largest cable manufacturers. The company's products include power cables, communication cables and systems, and related industrial materials such as integrated modules. It also provides engineering services, installation, commissioning of high-voltage and ultra-high voltage fixed telephones, and submarine... READ MORE

name: Jin Yong

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website: http://www.kumyoung.com/


Kumyoung (Kumyoung) is a South Korean company that manufactures computer music players, sound systems, LED lighting and digital music content, headquartered in Seoul. The company has a domestic office in Seoul, overseas offices in Beijing, Japan, and the Philippines, and a factory in Shenzhen, China.

Kim Young was established in Busan, South Korea in August 1983 as Namkyoung Industry, a manufacturer of electronic game arcade machines. In 1986, the company changed its name to Kumyoung Industry, and in 1989 it changed its name to Jin Yong Co., Ltd., with Jin Sheng Yang as the company’s CEO.

In the early 1990s, Jin Yong focused on producing karaoke systems. In 1996, the company introduced and obtained the world’s first hard disk-based computer music player patent for real vocal chorus recording.

In 2002, Kim Young Corporation moved its headquarters to Seoul. In 2003, it set foot in digital music production by opening a subsidiary. The company’s diversified core business is online network noraebang and video on demand services.

In 2006, Kim Young’s revenue was 54 million U.S. dollars (60 trillion won) and there were 110 general employees.

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