Korea Yongfeng Library

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name: Korea Yongfeng Library

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website: http://www.ypbooks.co.kr/


Korea Yongfeng Library has six branches and online bookstores. Yongfeng Library is not only a bookstore, but also a comprehensive cultural space for various cultural products.

The most representative ones are the Zhonglu branch and Jiangnan branch, both of which are connected to the subway and the transportation is very convenient.

Yongfeng Library Jongno Branch is located on the second floor of Yongfeng Building in Jongno, Seoul. It has 1 million books, mainly books, and also sells various stationery, records, computer software, etc. There are various specialty stores and fast food. shop. In the spacious bookstore, you can always see an army of book buyers, and there are also convenient facilities for copying, packaging, and painting.

Yongfeng Library Gangnam Branch is located on the first basement floor of Central City Young Plaza, Seoul’s first-class shopping and entertainment mall. It is Yongfeng’s largest bookstore. It has a stepped layout without any confusion. This is not just a bookstore. The book bar, event hall, information plaza, information center and other places also provide the latest cultural information. Even if you don’t buy a book, it’s nice to spend a few hours looking at it.

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