Phoenix Technology Co., Ltd.

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name: Phoenix Technology Co., Ltd.

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Phoenix Technologies is an American company that designs, develops and supports core system software for personal computers and other computing devices. The company’s products – commonly referred to as BIOS (Basic Input/Output System) or firmware – support and help them with the compatibility, connectivity, security and management of the various components and technologies used in their devices.

Phoenix Technology Co., Ltd. and IBM jointly developed the El Torito standard. It was established in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in September 1979, and its headquarters are in Milpitas, California. The products sold by the company are mainly computers and component equipment. The company also provides training, consulting, maintenance and engineering services to customers. It designs, develops and supports software products and services for personal computers and mobile devices, and aims to enhance the utility, reliability and safety of the equipment.

The consumers of Phoenix Technology Co., Ltd. products and services are enterprises, governments, service providers and individuals. It generally authorizes original equipment manufacturers and original design manufacturers of these products to resell them to end users. Its sales competition is mainly for internal research and development of personal computer and component manufacturers, such as: Dell, Hewlett-Packard, Toshiba, Apple and Intel. It competes with other independent vendors for sales, including a privately held US company Megatrends Inc., and a public company headquartered in Taiwan, a public company Microsoftware.

Phoenix FailSafe is a theft deterrence product and service software that protects, tracks and manages lost or stolen mobile computing devices, and protects the data on these devices. PC users can remotely retrieve and delete the content stored on their mobile PC and remotely disable the device. The basic elements include a PC agent, a command and control center connected to the Internet, and a web-based management interface. Its purpose is to allow users to tell them where to monitor their computers, and to ‘cut off’ computers and SMS (text messages) to protect their digital data subjects. Lenovo adopted this technology in its ThinkPad notebook product line in 2009.

In 1979, after his former employer Xitan Xitan was fired, Neal Colvin founded the Phoenix Software Association. Neal hired former West Beach employee Dave Hirschman. Between 1980 and 1981, they rented an office at 151 Franklin Street in Boston, Massachusetts. In 2009, Phoenix Technology Co., Ltd. had an operating income of US$67.7 million and a total of 500 employees.

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