BJ Wholesale Club

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name: BJ Wholesale Club

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BJ’s Wholesale Club (BJ’s Wholesale Club) is an American warehouse club that mainly operates on the east coast of the United States. It also has operations in Ohio. The company was ranked 232th in Fortune Magazine’s 2010’Top 500 US Public Enterprises’ list.

The BJ Wholesale Club was established in 1984 as a discount department store chain Zayre and operates on the Medford/Molden border in Massachusetts. The company’s name comes from the abbreviation of Mervyn Weich’s daughter Beverly Jean Weich. Weich announced that he would resign as president in June 1987. The candidate to succeed him was John Levy.

In October 1988, Zayre sold the Zayre nameplate to rival discount chain Ames, and TJX was established. In 1989, TJX split the warehouse division, and at the same time, BJ and the now-defunct HomeClub (later called HomeBase and later House2Home) formed Waban.

In August 1997, Waban spun off BJ Company and became an independent company BJ Wholesale Club. The company’s headquarters are located in Westborough, Massachusetts, and Waban was renamed HomeBase. In 2011, the BJ Wholesale Club was acquired by two private equity investment companies Leonard , partners and CVC Capital Partners.

The BJ Wholesale Club Nasdaq code is BJS, which is a component of the Dow Jones Industrial Average and S&P500 component. The company has a total of 200 stores. The chairman is Herbert Zarkin and the CEO is Laura J. Thain.

In 2011, BJ wholesale club revenue was US$10.9 billion, operating income was US$208 million, net profit was US$95 million, total assets were US$2.32 billion, total equity was US$1.14 billion, and there were 23,500 employees in 2009.

BJ Wholesale Club’s own brand:

1. Earth’s Pride: its own organic food brand line.

2. Executive Choice: Office supplies and other durable goods.

3. Lanesboro: own clothing brand line, products include: shoes, coats, underwear, sportswear, work clothes, and accessories.

4. Rozzano: Italian food line, products include: pasta, pasta sauce, fresh cheese and frozen pizza.

5. Wellsley Farms: high-end private brand fresh food line, including dairy products, fresh hot food.

In addition, BJ Wholesale Club also owns many organic and natural food brands such as Amy’s Kitchen, Kashi and Newman’s Own.

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