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name: SCO Group

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SCO Group (SCO Group) is an American software company. The group is famous for its acquisition of the server software and services department run by Santa Cruz, UnixWare and OpenServer technology, and then a series of disputes called SCO Linux.. The company is part of the Canopy Group, but in March 2005 it became an independent company.

Later, Caldera International changed its name to SCO and later to SCO Group. In September 2007, the group filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. In April 2011, after approval by the Delaware Bankruptcy Court, UnXis (now called Xinuos) acquired the operating assets and intellectual property rights of the SCO Group. Then, SCO Group changed its name to TSG Group Co., Ltd.

In August 2012, TSG Group applied for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection to be converted to Chapter 7, and pointed out that’there is a reasonable opportunity for recovery.’ On June 14, 2013, Justice David Nuffer ruled on SCO v. IBM, approving SCO reconsideration and reopening.

SCO Group is a software company headquartered in Santa Cruz, California. It is best known for the three UNIX variants of the Intel x86 processor: Xenix, SCO UNIX (later known as SCO OpenServer) and UnixWare. In 1993, SCO acquired two small companies and developed a product line named Tarantella. In 2001, SCO sold its UNIX rights and related departments to Caldera Systems. The company only kept its Tarantella product line and changed its name to Tarantella.

SCO Group is headquartered in Linton, Utah, the chairman is Ralph Yarro III, the CEO is Dahl McBride, the chief financial officer is Ken Nielsen, the general counsel is Ryan E. Tibbitts, and the operating company president is Jeff · Husak. In fiscal year 2008, its acquisition was $15.6 million, net income was $8.7 million, and it had 63 employees.

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