Macau Information Bureau

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name: Macau Information Bureau

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The Macao Information Bureau is a government agency of the Macao Special Administrative Region, which is responsible for the coordination and research of social communication, as well as providing assistance to the government and administrative authorities in this field. The mission of the Information Bureau is to act as a bridge between the government and the media, reflect public opinion, fully clarify policies, and assist the SAR government in building a complete information release mechanism.

The scope of services of the Macao Information Bureau includes: providing the latest information of the Macao Special Administrative Region government; disseminating government news and pictures to the media; assisting the media in conducting interview activities; handling inquiries from media organizations; assisting overseas media in conducting interview activities locally; regularly publishing publications to the outside world Promote Macau; register for newspapers, journals, editing, newsletters and other corporate ownership entities, periodicals and correspondents in Australia.

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