Jinwoo SMC

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name: Jinwoo SMC

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website: http://www.jinwoosmc.com/


Jinwoo SMC is a South Korean company that produces aerial work platforms, industrial machinery and automation equipment. Jinwoo Aerial Work was established in 1992, originally called Hosung Machinery Equipment Company. In 1998, the company shifted its business focus to the aerial tramway.

Jinwoo SMC manufactures aerial work platforms and installs elevators for Tata Daewoo and Hyundai Heavy Industries Automobile. The aerial work platform has a boom with a length of 8.5-68 meters (28-223 feet). It can load 300-500 kilograms (660-1100 pounds) of cargo.

Jinwoo SMC is headquartered in Muju, the president is Lee- Jae Ho, and the vice president is Lee- Jun Ho, with a total of 500 employees. In 2007, the company’s revenue was US$4 billion and net income was US$2.5 billion.

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