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Mail Online is a website of the Daily Mail. It is also a British tabloid. Its sister newspaper is the Sunday Mail. It is a division of DMG Media and a part of United News Corporation. It is the most visited newspaper website in the world . As of July 2013, it has more than 130 million page views per month. The website is also influential internationally. It has independent branches in the United Kingdom, the United States, India and Australia.

MailOnline maintains a conservative print version of the newspaper. The content on its website is exclusively reported, not published in the Daily Mail. According to the circulation data of the Office of Audit of the United Kingdom, the website had 128.59 million page views in May 2013. This number of views makes it the most popular news website in the world. According to ComScore data, it is the most visited newspaper website in the world. In October 2012, the website had 50.1 million unique visitors.

Mail Online mainly reports international news, as well as local British sports, personal finance, travel, science and life news. As of August 2013, it publishes 550 to 600 articles per day. His articles are often based on pictures rather than long-form news. The main component of the website is its entertainment news. It also mainly reports celebrity news, such as Kim Kardashian or members of the British royal family, such as the Duchess of Cambridge. It is estimated that 25% of the site’s traffic is purely browsing entertainment and gossip stories.

Mail Online mainly provides news and entertainment programs for readers in the United States. The site allows users to create accounts and participate in comments, and it also allows anyone to discuss anonymously. In 2011, the first year of online media awards, it won the Best Brand Development Award. In 2012, it won the Chairman’s Award of Internet Media.

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